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This interview appeared in issue 3 of Besmirched mid 95. I was totally shocked to interview Jane and was even more shocked that she lived so close to me. About 15 minutes away. She is definitely one of my favorite people- a total superstar in my eyes. I was incredibly starstruck through the entire interview-
I lived off the album "Beauty and the Beat"
It was the first record I ever bought with my own money (birthday cash)
I highly suggest taking a shot of Tequila before chatting with a GoGo-
I swear it helps---

Hi Jane, thanks for taking the time to talk with me since you're busy moving and everything. Are you going back to L.A. because of your new band froSTed?
Yeah and also because of the GoGo's too. "Cause when we started working together last fall, I was having to drive up there all the time and it's pretty obvious it's hard to be a musician in Valley Center. It kinda took me two years to figure that out.

Why did you decide to move to Valley Center?
(by the way Valley Center is a small town in Northern San Diego that probably has more horses than it does people)
Peace and quiet. I have horses and I got a really bitchin' house. It was kinda on a whim. I just saw a picture of the house and I fell in love with it.

Does frosted have an album out?
We have a Vinyl single out with two songs. One song is called "Bed" and the other one is "Call Me Crazy"

Did you form the band yourself- or did all the members come together on their own?
Well, every one who originally joined either got fired or quit. I got the three guys you saw- the latest lineup.

After being in an all girl band, did you make a conscious decision to play with all guys?
No, it just kinda happened that way. I wanted to have some girls. But the ones I came across didn't work out. I don't really see a big difference between girls and guys.

How did you meet the guys in your band?
John Lowry is the guitar player and I knew him because my husband used to manage a band he was in a few years ago and he was always in like heavy metal bands so I didn't really think he was going to be good for the band -but he really wanted to do it and we got together and everything was fine. John was the first one and then I figured out I need to replace the other guys and he knew Lance and Shawn from L.A. Everyone is in L.A. but ME!

Do you have a favorite band in San Diego?
I know absolutely nothing about the music scene in San Diego, in fact, I had never been to any of the places we've played. Actually that's not true, I've been to the Casbah once and I've been to the Belly Up once- but the other places we've played I never even heard of .. And don't even know any of the bands down here because Valley Center is like an hour from San Diego, and we never ever went to Sand Diego, which is kind a shame because in the last few month I figured out there was kinda scene happening and I just didn't know about it.

I had read that your are married and have children, did that ever change your attitude towards the music industry?
Well, I don't really have children and yeah I'm married but being married doesn't change your attitude. I guess if you had kids it might be different.

So you Don't Have kids?
No, I just have animals

What do you think are the biggest misconceptions that people have about you from the time you were in the GoGo's?
People always think I'm taller than I really am. And they sometimes expect me to be some kind of cartoon because I have a funny voice and I'm always jumping around and smiling everything. Obviously there's a little bit more to me than that. I mean I'm not all like Kurt Cobain or anything- all depressed. But I do have more to me than just smiley Betty Boop.

How accurate was the media in reporting stuff about the GoGo's and what was the least accurate thing reported about you or the band?
Well, for a long time the media was all into the cute bubbly GoGo's and then they found out we were all a bunch of drug crazed maniacs. So then it was all "ohhh the dark side" of the GoGo's and obviously neither of them was totally true. It was a little bit of both so it seemed like it went from one extreme to another. They really exaggerate everything. I can't really think of anything specific, like really inaccurate things that were said. I can't really complain about the GoGo's treatment by the media because they always pretty much loved us. But as soon as I quit the band they hated me.

That's what I was kinda asking, they made it seem like all of a sudden you just got up and quit and that you were some evil bitch for causing the breakup of the GoGo's, not that you just were looking for a change or whatever.
That was the feeling that I got. People were all offended I quit. It was hard for me. Everyone loved the GoGo's and when I left it was like I had no talent...blah..blah..blah...It was kinda brutal. After having it for the last ten years it was probably good it happened - otherwise you start believing your own press. I kinda figure we weren't Gods gift to the world and also I'm not the worst thing on Earth. I'm somewhere in between that, like I keep saying. I don't think you should take your press very seriously whether it's good or bad, it's just someone else's opinion.

Are you still involved the people for the ethical treatment of animals?
Well, I'm still a member and everything and still do stuff once and a while, but not quite as much as I used to. One of the things I've found in my solo career is like everyone thought I was Saint Jane of the animal rights movement and it got to be kinda a fucking bore, because I'm just a regular person trying to help out things a little bit and it got turned into this big thing where it was all everyone... every time I went to an interview, people were all "are your wearing leather shoes?" It was like give me a break - decided to back off a little bit because it's not really what I want to be known for - it was just my personal opinion that people could be a little bit nicer.

Have you heard the Montgomery Ward commercial?, but I've sure heard a lot about it. I think I heard it first on the computer, all the fans were going the GoGo's sold out or whatever. I obviously didn't know anything about it. It was kinda before the band got back together again - and you know it was Charlotte's song and her decision, I just wish I got some of the money! -but what can you do?

Is there anything that really embarrasses you that you're willing to admit now?
God- um...I don't know, there's a lot of stuff. I'm trying to think of a good example. When I was a kid, I thought Bob Dylan was pronounced Bob Die-lan.

Are there any juicy secrets you wish to divulge or any dirty laundry you would like to air?
Oh, Cool! I got to have sex with some rock stars when I was famous.

Who!?!? Anyone good???
A couple a cuties, nobody I'd want to have sex with again. I won't name names today. Maybe the next time we speak.

O.K. last question.
Nobody knows that Jane Wiedlin...?
I don't know that's too hard of a question. Let's talk about you. So how long have you been doing your zine?

About a year now
How do you get it out to people?

Word of mouth, reviews, Factsheet Five and stuff.
Really, when the GoGo's started it was kind when fanzines got started. At that time, you knew every fanzine. There was a handful... and now it's so big.
(Batteries in the tape recorder begin to fail)
It's so funny that punk came back...
(Batteries failing)
I always go that's not punk. Punk was '77, '78...
(Batteries fail)

I'm actually glad the batteries failed because I started sounding pretty unbearably goofy near the end of the conversation and I'm glad it wasn't caught on tape. Thanks Jane- Can't wait to hear about who those rockstars were!

UPDATE 09/18/97
Now I'm Giddy!
Here's what Jane"Valley Girl"Wiedlin had to say:

Hi Megan!! : That was fun to read that interview (finally!)
: I didn't know you were nervous, silly!
: You seemed fine.
: I wish the froSTed line-up would stop changing.
: I think we're having yet another upheaval,
: but I don't want to announce anything till I know for sure.
: In the old days, people stuck it out with a band.
: Guess I'll always be old school that way!
: Thanks Megan!
: Love

Still No Word On Who The Rockstars are? Is it That Juicy?

froSTed RIP! UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!
So froSTed, broke up and Jane is currently working on a project with fellow GoGo Charlotte, called Twisted and Jaded. For further info try checking this cool GoGo's page here Fellow GoGo Kathy Valentine also has a band called the Delphines, whom used to also include Gina Schock, make sure to check out Valentines page