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What They Are Saying About Besmirched

From Factsheet Five Issue
Besmirched #4. It's zines like Megan's that make the rest of us look bad. She piles in so much fantastic reading--crazy interviews, Farm Pulp-ish fiction, and notes from the pop culture--that most publishers would take years to put this much stuff out. How often do you see a zine intro about being detained and questioned for attempted murder? Yeah, that's how Megan starts, and the rest of the issue carries on from there. One of my favorite bits was the investigation of the sad-eye puppy look popularized by Walter Keane, or was it? In a hotly contested court battle ending with a paint-off, Keane's wife won her claim that she was the artist the whole time. The interview with Sarah Jacobson on her new film Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore was a great conversation that touches on so many aspects of contemporary film. "If you ever see a girl having an orgasm in a movie, she's either going to remember she was raped by her father or she'll be dead within the next 30 minutes." Why aren't band interviews ever this good? In the realm of plastic toys and geegaws, we hear all the obsessions Megan and others have for Godzilla products, nudie playing cards, and Japanese pachinko pinball games. While the stories are enough to make this a resounding favorite, Besmirched goes the whole nine yards with a beautiful spread of clip art and comics. Go ahead and buy it for the New Orleans stripper interview, but you'll be just as enchanted with Megan's panoramic sense of design.

From Maximum Rock'N'Roll
Excellent Stuff!!! This is one of my favorites -it's girl powered, it's naughty and nice, it looks good, and the writing is great. Fun, fun, fun... you must get this!

From Punk Planet
This is one high quality zine. Lots of quality interviews including Punk Planet's own Sarah Jacobson, Walter Keane, a strpper, cartoonist and a hypnotist. But that is not all, you get little comics, reviews and some superb letters to the editor, this is the best zine of the month for me. Yeah, Besmirched

From World Wide Punk
What a damn good zine! Besmirched has everything that any great zine has: Amazing artwork (yes, it's *really* good!), kick-ass comics, very well-written and interesting articles, reviews....the whole shabang. The zine is written by a girl with alot of female-focused issues, but written in a way that would appeal to just about anyone. The article by Denise about life as a stripper is a great insight into the industry by someone who lives the life. The cooking/food section is cool too (or should I say HOT?), as it deals with hot'n'spicy food. The excellent beer reviews sure hit the spot too, especially after reading about stuffed jalepeno peppers! There's so much more packed in here...interviews and articles galore. I could probably go on about this forever, but I'll leave the detail up to you because I know you're gonna get this one. RIGHT?

From Prozac & Cornflakes pobox 589 Moon, Pa 15108-0589 issue 5
Besmirched #4 The best digest-sized zine I've ever read! (and still reading!) Eighty pages loaded with comics & great graphics and stores like "Life as a New Orleans Stripper", a film project "Mary Jane's not a Virgin Anymore", a Brew Review, and a fantastic review sections. Highly Recommended.

From So What? pobox 378 Richmond, VA 23218 #16
Just as I was wondering whose plug was going to fill up the rest of this space, into my po box came this new issue from Megan. It's been a long long time since#3 but the wait has proved to absolutely worth it. Megan has brought together around 80 pages of material to create what is probably one of my top 5 zine reading in the last 6 months. I love this zine and Megan is such a great writer and artist with so many off the wall interests (many of them similar to mine) that I could probably fall in love with her too if I wasn't already happily mated and we didn't live a continent apart. Anyway on to the zine itself which is totally crammed full of all kinds of stuff such as comics from such greats as Eric York of "Hungry Maggot", Megan's encounter with Walter Keane the artist behind all those huge droopy eyed black velvet puppy paintings, a look at some facts, rumors and anecdotes about chili peppers and tons of reviews of zines, music, and a random sampling of other misc. products that have caught M's fancy. Denise Guay chips in with an article what it's like to be a stripper and there's an article about the bad-ass female comic artist Niagara. On and on it goes, all of it decorated with amazine clip art and all packaged so neatly it makes my own layout-oriented anal retentiveness quiver with excitement. That's all I can say except that I insist you order it immediately.

From Flipside
A great layout and lots to read. Letters, comic reviews and excerpts. Niagara, Walter Keane, Sarah Jacobson, Szeles (hypnotist), Ed Roth and more. Music and Publication Reviews. A slant on art and that sort of thing. A grand read!

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