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Finally a book all about the big eyed masters we love so much! I am currently at work on a book with co-writers Matthew and Lisa sweet, which will include bios and beautiful examples of paintings by artists such as Keane, Gig, Maio, Igor, Franca etc... The book will be published by Last Gasp. Due out sometime next year-- Additional information will be posted soon!

LITTLE BIG EYES-the blythe inspired doll
Zoom on over to Kay*bee toy stores to catch the first series of these big eyed dolls that obviously borrowed their entire design from the classic 1972 Blythe doll. The dolls come in 4 different styles and second set is due out soon. Visit virtual dolls for more info.

Walter Keane passed away on December 29th 2000.
Have some Chivas Regal in his memory, click here for more

Those modern day big eyed girls you may have seen gracing the covers of notebooks, pens, and other office supplies will soon be transformed into really cool looking dolls. The dolls are still in development, but keep an eye open here for more info! Meanwhile check out Devil Girl, Hippie Girl, Diva Girl,Glitter Girl and Disco Girl at

Gina Garan, the photographer responsible for documenting the fabulous life of the fascinating big eyed doll Blythe, in her wonderful book "This is Blythe"... had this to share "here are a few of the photos from blythe's nordstorm campaign. it'll be in all the US nordstrom stores (in the cosmetics dept) in april. i think it'll be a gift w/ purchase - the "gift" is a 32 page mini blythe book." Thanks Gina! Someone send me an email when you spot one. I don't want to miss this!!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, here's some big eyed items to bring in the new millenium!
Nothing to much to report on, but this should be a wonderful year for the world of the sad eyed waifs. The Margaret Keane and Keaneabilia show closed on December 31st and seemed to be well recieved. Here's a nice review.
Also, Fox News did a piece on big eyed art and used a photo of a couple of my gig statues. they are so cute, see for yourself.
Some people just can't get over Margaret Keane's signature big eyed paintings, for some reason the staring gazes of small children actually spook people- for example scroll down to, The Evil Portrait, a ghost story cover based on woman's experience with a Keane painting.
Also Wayne Hemingway recently published a book that you will enjoy. It is called "Just Above The Mantlepiece: Mass-Market Masterpieces" and is a thick coffee table style book that features many of the big eyed prints that you may remember from your childhood. It can be ordered from, just click on the cover to take you there.

BUG-EYED OVER KEANE ART- Keane show review
The Margaret Keane and Keanabilia show seems to be well received. There have been many reviews and here's an example of what people are saying about the show. This particular article is by art critic Robert Pincus at the San Diego Union tribune and so far is the most accurate. Read about it now!

7/20/2000 ZDTV
A television program called Internet Tonight featured a spotlight on big eyes. Unfortunately I missed it. The surf guru answers the question, "Where can i find big eyed art?" The link to the answer is here- if anyone saw this or the story that ran on C/Net TV about big eyes... Please write. I'm dying to know what they said and how campy it was.

Diva Starz-
Big eyed interactive dolls by Mattel. There will be four different dolls to chose from, unfortunately all of them being in the pricey range at $40 apiece. In the same vibe as furbies these cute large eyed fashion divas come with cute accessories. Due out in August you can see their webpage here

Auctionwatch, an on-line auction magazine, recently did an article on the collectibility of big eyed art. Although it's tough to read about big eyes in a 'trend spotting' article. I enjoyed the quotes and interview with Margaret. There was a couple things here and there that were a little off, but for the most part this was one of the best articles you can read about KEANE on-line. Worth Reading! 2/4/2000
Great artwork in the new movie Ready to Rumble , which stars Rose McGowan. 3 big eyed portraits that resemble Rose are seen in the movie...The woman who painted the three portraits did an amazing job!

In Reverse-
For all of you KEANE completists out there, you should check out the new release from Matthew Sweet. It's cover artwork and insert, features a beautiful 60's painting by Margaret Keane. For the time being- it's the only place you'll be able to see this masterpiece and I shouldn't forget to mention that the music is good too. Check out for more info, or buy, In Reverse, Now!.

The New York times magazine has written a piece about Margaret Keane, and also commissioned 6 amazing paintings for "Peachy Keane", where Margaret 'whips up the splashiest looks of the season'. All this and More, including great photos is up on the newspapers site. Story, Artwork, The Juicy Stuff

Yesteryear's Big Eye Art is still raising eyebrows. Check out this article that features fellow collectors Lynette, Al, and Mitch... a story from Phoenix New Times by Dewey Webb. The whole enchilada is here