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Well you're probably thinking, what kind of NEWS could there possibly be about a genre of art that died out about 30 years ago? The answer is NOT THAT MUCH
But... there are always little tiny tidbits of information and things surrounding this art that I'm on quest for.
So here is where I plan to share the wealth-- I hope you enjoy reading more about the art and artists that I'm obsessed with, and hope that you can SUBMIT some news, information, or websites that you think other fans of BIG EYED stuff would enjoy and you will be properly credited.

Update 04/02/2004

Still working on the book. No release date yet. Check the books website,, for more frequent updates

THIS ART'S AN EYEFUL- toronto star article.
CONRAD BIERNACKI of the Royal Ontario Museum writes the "Objects of Design" column . The April 3rd issue will feature a story about the background as well as the ongoing popularity of Big Eyes.

TRASH CULTURE SHOW-the potholes of taste
Amazing museum show in Spain. Featuring a few items from my personal collection in the "Attraction of the ugly" portion of the exhibit. Also featured are sideshow banners, horror movie paraphanelia, outsider music, strange television, Ed Wood and more. This exhibition, "Cultura Porqueria. Una espeleologia del gust" ran from May 20th-August 21st 2003 at the Center of Contemporary Culture in Barcelona then the show travelled to montehermoso cultural center in vitoria-gasteiz and closed December 15th 2003. The CCCB also published a 190 page catalog for the show. I'm pretty sure it's available at


Finally a book all about the big eyed masters we love so much! I am currently at work on a book with co-writers Matthew and Lisa sweet, which will include bios and beautiful examples of paintings by artists such as Keane, Gig, Maio, Igor, Franca etc... The book will be published by Last Gasp. Due out sometime this year-- Additional information will be posted soon!

Mailing List-
As interest in BIG EYED ARTWORK has increased quite a bit lately. I haven't been able to keep up with some of the questions I receive via email, or sometimes I just don't have the answers... so I've invited some pals and invite you to join a mailing list in hopes to have a place that we can exchange info and stuff. If you have questions, would like to share memories of 'big eyes' from your childhood, trade artwork, announce sightings of big eyed images in the media, share photos of your collection, talk about the Keanes and other artists, etc... If this sounds like something you've been waiting for, then please sign up for the Big Eyed Art list here:

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