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Southern California based writer, painter, and collector of vintage Big-eyed art. Megan Besmirched is totally obsessed with all things super sweet and ultra cute. When not distracted by sparkles and glitter she finds time to dote on her pack of blue Chihuahuas, work on her jewelry line "Salty Dame", and finish her first book Big-Eyed Masters. You can contact Megan at or



Juxtapoz "Kinky Kuties & Kick-Ass Kitsch - The Art of Lisa Petrucci,"" Erotica issue 6, 1999

Hi-Fructose "Cult of Blythe" volume 2, 2/2006

Hi-Fructose "Fawn Gehweiler" Volume   4,   1/2007

Hi-Fructose Collected Edition Box Set 1/2009


"Big-Eyed Masters" with Matthew Sweet

  publisher: Last Gasp. Release Date TBA


"Besmirched" A small independent publication "zine" founded in 1995. Articles focused on upcoming artists as well as personal heroes. It featured interviews with emerging artists and pop culture celebrities like Ed Roth, Jane Weidlin of the Go Go's, Tenacious D, Walter Keane, Niagara, Tony Adolescent, Sarah Jacobson, Mitch O'Connell, Mary Fleener. Contributors included. Carson, Al Hoff girl reporter, Bwana Spoons, Jeff Powell, William Morton. Sold at Tower Records, Reading Frenzy (Portland, OR), Atomic Books (Baltimore, MD) Epicenter Zone (San Francisco, CA) Quimbys (Chicago, IL), Blue Suede News (Burlington, VT), Moon Mystique (Iowa City, IA), Read Until You Die (Altanta, GA), Makuaitl (Mexico) ...



Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine 1/99,

NetLife Magazine 2/00,


Phoenix New Times "Pupil Haze" 4/15/1999

Star Tribune Minneapolis 1/12/2001

La Jolla Light 8/5/2001

LA Weekly 9/28/2001

Toronto Star 2004

Chicago Sun-Times Blog 10/23/2008


Margaret Keane and Keanabilia, Laguna Art Museum Exhibit Catalog. Long Beach: Sympathetic Press. 2000.

The Truth Show Exhibition Catalog, a Thee Ideal and Besmirched Production, San Diego: Custom Printing. 2001

Sci-Fi Western Exhibition Catalog, Sunny Buick, San Francisco: Last Gasp 2003


The New York Times Magazine "Style: Peachy Keane" 5/99 (mention)

Fox News Online "Keen on Keane" 2000 (photo of collection)

Just Above The Mantelpiece-The Art of the Mass-Market Masterpiece by Wayne Hemmingway, Booth-Clibborn 2001 (credits)

Beatsville,   Martin McIntosh, Outre Gallery Press 2003 (credits)

Hi Fructose Magazine Volume 1 2005 (quote)

International Tattoo Art Magazine, September 2008   (mention)


CCCB in Barcelona Spain and Vitoria-Gasteiz Spain (consultant)

Laguna Beach Art Museum Laguna Beach CA (consultant)



"Margaret Keane and Keanabilia" group show with Margaret Keane, Gig, Igor Pantuhoff,, Mark Ryden, Lisa Petrucci at Laguna Art Museum Laguna Beach, California. June-Dec. 2000

"Kiddles and Bits" show with Aaron Marshall and Lisa Petrucci. Roq La Rue, Seattle, Washington.   November   2000

"Uncommercial Art by Commercial Artists" group show with Michael Hussar, Scott Musgrove, Clayton Brothers, Camille Rose Garcia.   La Luz de Jesus. Los Angeles California, March 2 2001

"The Truth Show" group art show with Shepard Fairey, Tim Biskup, Seonna Hong, Dave Choe, Mitch O'Connell, Steven Cerio. Truth Show Gallery, San Diego, California, July 19 2001.

  "Go-Go Art Show" group show with Extremo the Clown, Mister Reusch, Carson, Dave Burke, Jason Van Winkle.   Dana Point, California. October 13 2002

"Sci-Fi Western" group show with Todd Schorr, Robert Williams, Mark Ryden, Martin Ontiveros, Bwana Spoons. 111 Minna San Francisco California. January 1 2003

"Cannibal Flower" group shows with Luke Chueh, Mear One, Andy Howell, Jeff Soto, Scott Saw.   The Music Building and Crocker Bank Safe Deposit, Los Angeles, CA various shows 2003

"Small Works" group show with Joshua Petker, Tim McCormick, Lesley Reppeteaux, Marco Almera, Logan Hicks. The Muse San Diego, California November 8 2003

"Exquisite Corpse" group show with Lesley Reppeteux, Candy, The Pizz, Dennis Worden, KRK Ryden. The Toyroom Gallery. Sacramento California. November 12 2005

"Cheese Cake Cover" group show with Mister Reusch, Sharon Leong,   Johnny Crap. Commerce Gallery, Wichita, Kansas. April 28 2006

"See You in Hell" group show with Kathie Olivas, Attaboy, Gary Gilmore. MF Gallery, New York, New York.   May 20 2006

"Bowlarama" group show with Derek Hess, Glenn Barr, Kirsten Easthope, Sunny Buick. Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park, New Jersey May 27 2006

"All Things Polynesian: A Tribute to Tiki" group show with The Pizz, Candy, Carson. Puka Bar, Long Beach California December 2006.

"Ladies Only" group show with Niagara, Tara McPherson, Sara Ray, Isabel Samaras at The Gem Gallery, Vancouver BC. March 9 2007

and second showing at the Crybaby Gallery, Asbury Park, New Jersey. April 14 2007

"Low Brow On the High Seas: The Pirate Arrrt Show" group show with Nicole Steen, Lisa Petrucci, Mitch O'Connell, Heather Watts. The Gem Gallery, Vancouver BC. September 15 2007

"Cocktail Hour" group show with Brian Viveros, Sara Ray, Ben Strawn, Matt Kotch, The Pizz. Puka Bar, Long Beach California. November 29 2007

"Ladies First" group show with Angelique Houtkamp, Emma Mount, Claudia Hek. The Anza Club, Vancouver, BC. March 8 2008

"Surf Beat" group show with Miles Thompson, Drew Brophy, BigToe,. The Light Gallery, Costa Mesa, California.   March 15 2008

"Breast Defense" in Conjunction with the Burlesque Hall of fame group show with Greg Hildebrandt, David La Chapelle, Mark Mothersbaugh, Kim Gordon, Iggy Pop. The Fallout Gallery, Las Vegas, Nevada. June 5 2008.

"Twisted Steel" group show with The Pizz, Candy, Carson. Gasoline Gallery, El Segundo, California. July 13 2008

"Low Brow on the High Seas 5" group show with Extremo, Lisa Petrucci, Sunny Buick, Nicole Steen. Pat's Pub, Vancouver, BC September 19 2008.

"Bowlarama 2" group show. Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park, New Jersey. September 27 2008

"Tura! Tura! Tura!" group show with Shag, Tyson McAdoo, Dave Dorman, Frank Fruzyna , Glenn Barr, Niagara, Lisa Petrucci. The Tattoo Factory, Chicago, Illinois.   October 30 2008