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If you are researching any article or news story on the Keanes or big eyed artwork- and you are currently reading this page....or any other page on this site. You must credit this me/my site as a source or feel free to visit one of the other sites on the internet that do not offer original information on this subject. Again, you MUST mention this site, or Megan Besmirched as a source if you read any further. The information on this site is for the most part original content- information that I've gathered the past 10 years, through meeting the artists and sharing information with other collectors who have been kind enough to contribute their knowledge. It is not free for the taking and should be cited as you would any other book, etc... If you have read similar stuff, elsewhere, it most likely was lifted from this site without permission... It is NOT considered common knowledge.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation!
If you would like assistance or help with your project I would be happy to supply you with info, or insight- just as long as I receive proper recognition.

Megan Besmirched
p.o. box 3381
dana point, ca 92629