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HI! The following are duplicates from my personal collection. I am mostly looking to trade for items to complete my collection, but I will trade for duplicates- to help complete your collection... Feel free to contact me, my email is on the bottom of this page.
Occasionally some of the pictures do not load correctly. ALL of the links are VALID, it's just that they can be awfully stubborn. If you right click on your mouse- and hit view image- the picture will load correctly. Then hit your back button and the rest of the photos should come up. If for some reason they still don't- I'll be happy to email you photos. If there are specific items that you are looking for and don't see them on this page- write me- I may not have had a chance to list everything I have that's available

the following gig prints are unframed posters and measure 10"x14"

Currently I have no gig prints for trade

these are puzzles, by milton bradley- I don't think that any of these have all the pieces. Please keep that in mind. If you would like specifics, just email me.

Currently I have no gig puzzles for trade

these keane prints are from the 60's. They are in excellent shape- the edges of some of the prints are a little soft- but it doesn't affect the image AT ALL! Really nice bright crispy colors with no fading. The paper itself measures 12"x15" but the images are slightly smaller.

The big eyed kids

the waify women

These Keane prints are much larger up to 30"x36"

Large Prints

these postcards are unused and are standard postcard size.

Keane postcards
I currently have no postcards for trade

interested? please e-mail me.