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!Beware! Grumpy Rant Ahead !Beware!
I haven't updated this site for a while now- basically because I wasn't motivated to put time into something that was becoming no longer fun for me. There are generally two major types of people, consumers and creators. Nothing bad about either one. I think it's natural to be a little of both- I love to buy stuff for my collection, but I also find it fun to add my own spin on things- and hopefully share or introduce the art to people whom I run across. Being just a creator, would be really cool- but I'm just not that disciplined, talented, nor motivated... The lame part of the whole thing for me, is that there are just an overwhelming amount of total 'consumer' types... people who want to take, take, take and not share their time or ideas with anyone. That is the one thing that sometimes makes it hard for me to want to keep sharing. Anyone can hoard stuff- but the 'fun part' is how YOU choose to do it. Connecting and sharing with other people, creatively displaying stuff, and re-discovering lost history. Some people I know have actually made this an art form...
So it comes down to the basics (dare I say it) - it's pretty bad to steal stuff and sell it. People have been stealing the scans on my site and selling them on ebay. - I spend lots of my time and what money I have on finding new stuff and information and for the most part, sharing it with with complete strangers.
I guess the bottom line is- Please don't sell the images I share for free for a few bucks. And more important- please don't buy them. It would be less expensive for you to make copies yourself, for your own personal use. Also I share news so others can be a part of the 'joy of collecting' not so you can take the info and start your own website. Please write about what YOU collect and take pictures and research and share it with me- but please don't take what I have written and sign your name to it. And one other little thing, if you do want to ask for more info, want help with research, need prices on something, scans of certain image.... that's great... but keep in mind that I could be spending that time updating the site, or trying to find out more about the artists. I really do enjoy connecting with others that share the love for BIG EYES!. But, demanding that I enlarge the scans or appraise your dolls so you can put a high reserve on Ebay--- literally wears me out. I do LOVE to help- but only if I get polite requests. If you want to take me out to lunch- I will talk your ear off, but if I have to type a lot- it takes me a while to respond.
I'm just not sure if people realize that they are sending emails that I swear could have been written by Judge Judy