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Well, there is no expert on this subject, and I don’t really consider myself an authority. But along with a couple of friends, who also seek out these items, and have a good sense of what is going on. I do believe, where I don’t have any place to say what certain items are worth. I DO think I can give an accurate idea of what they are NOT worth. Don’t let anyone fool you by saying they are an expert on this subject! But please don't email me with requests to appraise your items. Your best bet is to check ebays completed auctions to find what similar items are selling for.

First, big eyed artwork, such as prints, posters, lithos, etc... were made in HUGE amounts. Some prints (like the big eyed animals by GIG) were made in massive quantities , and sold out of backs of magazines for as low as 25 cents a piece. There are still thousands of them floating around in mint condition- certainly some are harder to come by than others. But the fact remains that they are NOT RARE. This also goes for prints by LEE, EVE, and EDEN,etc...--- they were sold mail-order, and still can often be found for as little as a dollar or two. Back in the day, Five and Dime stores had droves of big eyed stuff, selling them 2 or 3for a $1. These items were about as mass produced as it gets!!!

As for prints by KEANE- they are slightly harder to find, and are of a nicer quality- I still occasionally see them in bulk, and although they aren’t available at poster shops- I’ve never paid more than $60 for an image, but more commonly find them for about $10. It is common to see them for slightly more. But don't be fooled, there is no shortage of these- and that should be taken into consideration.

The question I am most often asked is what is the going price for the LITTLE MISS NO NAME doll. Again, I’m not an appraiser...check ebay. But unless this doll is mint in box- I personally wouldn’t spend more than $50 for a doll in excellent condition (with tear and original clothes). They are still available for decent prices if you are patient, and there were tons of these dolls produced, as well as a host of reproductions (I’m unsure if they were licensed reproductions or what, but dolls others than the ones produced by Hasbro in 1965 DO exist). Recently I have been reading INSANE reports of this doll being worth THOUSANDS of dollars if she is still in her box... and that is a bunch of CRAP!!! TO BE CLEAR, LITTLE MISS NO NAME MINT IN BOX- is not impossible to find. She is not worth $70,000 as reported in a magazine. And she is not valued at the prices that “WE CARE” gets from their charity auctions (people were paying HUGE amounts for the same doll year after year to raise money for a great cause. They were not bidding to own the doll- just to hold it for a year until it was re-auctioned.) For some reason, this gives people the impression the doll has some value, when in fact it was just used as a pretense to donate money to a worthy cause. I think that this may have caused some confusion for some people.

I admit there are a few items that are harder to find, and may have slightly increased “value” (like authentic signed and numbered items). However, with the exception of one of a kind items, they still exist in fairly large numbers. We’re not talking Faberge eggs here! The Keane’s and the like, are known for their ultra-commercial tactics, it was made fun of in the 60’s and that is because they reproduced the hell out of the same images, over and over and over again. It was done so *Everybody* could be involved, and enjoy the "art"....

please do not request your items to be appraised.