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updated 10.1.08



Check out myspace for current info:
and inked nation:

If you would like to book an appointment
It can take up to a few weeks for us to get back to you via email

The best way to make an appointment
is to call or text directly

Shop Info :
English Ink
Costa Mesa, California



NEWS: October 2008 -

3 New Prints Available from
Black Market Art Company
traditional tattoo designs by today's tattoo artists

12 page article in the September 2008 issue of International Tattoo Magazine.







(additional dates to be added)

January 2008- Austin, TX
February 2008- Baltimore, MD
February 2008- Salt Lake City, UT
February 2008- Costa Mesa, CA
March 2008-R
eno, NV
March 2008- Santa Maria, CA
+guest spot @ Copper Coffin, Santa Maria, CA
March 2008- San Francisco, CA
+guest spot @ Final Sin, Pleasant Hill, CA

April 2008- Philadelphia, PA
+guest spot @ Philadelphia Eddies, Philly, PA

April 2008- Fresno, CA
June 2008-Long Beach, CA
June 2008- Sacramento, CA
June 2008- Las Vegas, NV
July 2008- San Antonio, TX
August 2008- Calgary, Canada
September 2008- Philly, PA
October 2008- Bakersfield, CA
November 2008- Chicago, IL


Taking appts for Pillcult Tattoos again in December 08. If we didn't get back to you email us again. We got a little overwhelmed with requests.








Check out Tattoos
in the Portfolio

web store will re-open
on October 10th with new shirts and prints

Project: PillCult


acrylic on canvas
original (sold).
prints available here.











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