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Welcome to...Besmirched!

Besmirched is print zine that I started in the latter part of 1994
It has included interviews with people like:
Illustrators extrodinaire! MITCH O'CONNELL and MARY FLEENER! The fabulous filmaker SARAH JACOBSON , best known for her movies I Was A Teenage Serial Killer & Mary Janes Not A Virgin Anymore
As Well as Artist NIAGARA and self-proclaimed painter of the(big eyed kids) WALTER KEANE
Past issues have also included articles on Ed "Big Daddy" Roth , compulsive shopping, lots o' reviews, And BeSt of ALL!!! Tons of original comics and art!
Contributors have included
ERIC YORK from Hungry Maggot ** MIKE GORMAN of Air Guitar ** BWANA SPOONS of Aint Nothin Like Moonshine ** BILL MORTON of Bar Crawl of the Damned ** and more!


I know there's not much for you to look at here for right now-
So How's about Feasting Your Eyes Upon These Beauties!

Like the Spacegirl?
You should contact Carson, he does wonderful tattoos (I'm biased), and great illustration work! Click Here!

I'm in love with JOHN K

Stay tuned for more Info... I'll be adding stuff from the current issue as well as stuff exclusively for this page just as soon as I get the chance!
Issue 4 has sold out!
However,it is still available from several distributors, including Primordial Soup Kitchen for $2 at PO Box 1312 Claremont, CA 91711-1312 email Sean for availability or order online at Atomic Books Look in the Zine Section!!! Also available at Zine Mart
- I will be posting stuff from ISSUE 4 as well as previous issue as time permits. The paper version is my priority, so I add stuff online, when I can. I swear I'm getting my act straight-
I swear!
Update as of 1.2004
Besmirched is still alive... very late which is a major understatement, but still alive. I've been promising for months that it will be done. And it will- ISSUE 5 has been completed for a while now, I'm just trying to get the money to print it. Most likely it will be online in a month or two
I'm currently at work on a book and that has been taking up a lot of time. Luckily I don't have to fork out my lunch money to pay for printing. The book is about the big eyed masters- artists that painted big eyed children in the 1960's,

if ya want, you can ring me up
drop me a line?!?!
P.O. BOX 3381


(ya think you know what love is????)


This page was created November 6th 1997!
And Last Updated on January 2004
ALOHA! -Megan
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